About Us

There's an old school song that says, I'm just a nobody...trying to tell everybody, about somebody who can save anybody!"
My name is Katrina Bacon, a nobody just trying to spread motivation, love and inspire God's Word through clothing. I'm the founder and creator of Move 'N Grace.  As a single God fearing Woman, mother of 1, it's not always easy to follow your dreams when the odds maybe stacked against you or you have people doubting you.  But I had dreams for myself and my family.  I had to make them happen by any means necessary.  It all started with a passion and a prayer and little to no money.  Motivated by just wanting to give my son a better life and to reach the world with a brand that exemplifies Christ, the faith I have instilled in me declares "I can do all things through Christ".  That crazy faith made me actually believe I can do this!
So here I am bringing my designs and visions to life.  I told my family my dreams and they were on board.  So I rallied the troops (my two sisters) and we got to work in the living room at my mother's apartment.  Brainstorming, coming up with ideas and weeks later I began to birth Move 'N Grace with the help of my sisters.  This was really happening.  I'm actually following through on my life long dream.  Right in the middle of Covid, I decided to leave my full time job as a Dispatcher from the City of Charlotte to homeschool my son who suffers from a disorder.  Move 'N Grace literally came to life because of my son's battles and struggles.  Realizing I'm not perfect, and that I have flaws, but God's grace is sufficient and he loves me despite all that.  Without His Grace I know I wouldn't make it.  So I'm moving in and under His grace at ALL times! 
With one garment, one design at a time.  It's my goal to have God's people look and feel good.  To create a brand you will be proud to rock anywhere.  I walk and live this life daily, the words I write, the graphics I create.  Its ministry in motion.  I'm simply a sinner who fell down until finally I got tired of falling and now my clothes are a reflection of the life I live.  I pray the world embraces these designs and the passion behind them.   Walk in your God given authority, know that God's Grace covers and protects and Move 'N Grace along with me!
To Learn move about me, the family hustle, the business and to watch behind the scene footage follow us @ Move 'N Grace on YouTube!
 God Bless!